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As you read the words of each devotional in this volume – written by women just like you for women just like you – may you sense God bending His ear to your heart. God hears. God hears her. And because God hears and hears her, you can know that God hears you.

– Elisa Morgan


Because he turned his ear to me, I will call on him as long as I live.
– Psalm 116:2

How do you know that God hears you when you call to Him – really hears you?

The title and first entry of this book celebrate the fact that God hears Hannah praying. Over and over in the Bible, God hears and responds to the needs of women, both named and unnamed. Jesus interacts with woman after woman, offering everlasting water to a disgraced woman at a well, restoring a demon-possessed son to his grief-stricken mother, receiving the spilled-out-offering of Mary of Bethany, encouraging Mary Magdalene’s broken heart in the first resurrection encounter.


The Writers


Alyson Kieda

Alyson has been an editor for Our Daily Bread Ministries for over a decade and has more than thirty-five years of editing experience. Alyson has loved writing since she was a child and is thrilled to be writing for Our Daily Bread. She is married with three adult children and a growing number of grandchildren. Alyson loves reading, walking in the woods, and being with family. She feels blessed to be following in her mother’s footsteps—she wrote articles many years ago for another devotional.


Amy Boucher Pye

Amy is a writer, speaker, and retreat leader. Devotional writing is one of her favorite things, for she loves exploring how God meets us and transforms us. An author, she gives her American-Anglophile musings in Finding Myself in Britain and explores forgiveness in The Living Cross.

She enjoyed getting an MA in Christian spirituality from the University of London but is relieved not to write any more academic papers. She runs the Woman Alive book club in the United Kingdom and enjoys life with her family in their English vicarage. To read more devotionals from Amy, find her at Our Daily Bread.

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Cetas, Anne.jpg

Anne Cetas

Anne became a follower of Jesus in her late teens. At nineteen, she was given a copy of Our Daily Bread by a friend to help her read the Bible consistently. She also devoured Discovery Series topical study booklets. Several years later, she joined the editorial staff of Our Daily Bread as a proofreader. Anne began writing for the devotional booklet in September 2004 and is senior content editor for the publication. Anne and her husband, Carl, enjoy walking and bicycling together, and working as mentors in an urban ministry.

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Kasper, Cindy.jpg

Cindy Hess Kasper

Cindy has served for more than forty years at Our Daily Bread Ministries, where she is associate editor for Our Daily Journey. An experienced writer, she has penned youth devotional articles for more than a decade. She is a daughter of longtime senior editor Clair Hess, from whom she learned a love for singing and working with words. Cindy and her husband, Tom, have three grown children and seven grandchildren, in whom they take great delight.

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Morgan, Elisa.jpg

Elisa Morgan

Elisa has authored more than twenty-five books on mothering, spiritual formation, and evangelism, including The NIV Mom’s Devotional Bible, She Did What She Could, The Beauty of Broken, Hello, Beauty Full and her latest, The Prayer Coin. For more books from Elisa, click here.

She speaks widely and writes a blog under the title Really (elisamorgan.com). For twenty years, Elisa Morgan served as CEO of MOPS International. Elisa is married to Evan, and they have two grown children and two grandchildren who live near them in Denver, Colorado.

To read more devotionals from Elisa, find her at Our Daily Bread.

Schuldt, Jennifer.jpg

Jennifer Benson Schuldt

Jennifer has been writing professionally since 1997 when she graduated from Cedarville University and began her career as a technical writer. Currently, she is a writer and blogger for Our Daily Journey, as well as a contributor to Our Daily Bread. Jennifer lives in the Chicago suburbs with her husband, Bob, and their two children. When she isn’t writing or serving at home and church, she enjoys painting, reading poetry and fiction, and taking walks with her family.


Joanie Yoder

Joanie, a favorite among Our Daily Bread readers, went home to be with her Savior in 2004. She and her husband established a Christian rehabilitation center for drug addicts in England many years ago. Widowed in 1982, she learned to rely on the Lord’s help and strength. She wrote with hope about true dependence on God and His life-changing power. Joanie authored the book Finding the God-Dependent Life.

Julie Ackerman Link copy.jpg

Julie Ackerman Link

After a lengthy battle with cancer, Julie went to be with the Lord on April 10, 2015. Julie began writing articles each month for Our Daily Bread in 2000. She is a popular author with Our Daily Bread readers, and her insightful and inspiring articles have touched millions of lives around the world. Julie also wrote the books Above All, Love and 100 Prayers Inspired by the Psalms, published by Our Daily Bread Publishing.

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Wolfe, Karen.jpg

Karen Wolfe

Karen is a native of Jamaica who now lives in the US. She became a follower of Christ at age twenty-six, and one of the first devotionals she read was Our Daily Bread. Karen enjoys teaching and writing so she can share the truths she learns from Scripture. Her desire is to see men and women walk in the freedom that Christ has given and to see lives transformed by the Word of God. She completed her biblical studies degree at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. In addition to writing, Karen loves to cook, especially when she can use locally sourced ingredients in her dishes. She and her husband Joey live in Georgia. Karen currently writes at thekarenwolfe.com.

To read more devotionals from Karen, find her at Our Daily Bread.

Ochoa, Keila.jpg

Keila Ochoa

Keila and her husband have two young children. She helps Media Associates International with their training ministry for writers around the world and has written several books in Spanish for children, teens, and women. She serves in her church in the areas of youth, missions, and women’s ministry.

To read more devotionals from Keila, find her at Our Daily Bread.

Stroud, Marion.jpg

Marion Stroud

Marion went to be with her Savior on August 8, 2015, after a battle with cancer. In 2014 Marion began writing Our Daily Bread devotional articles that touched the lives of readers around the world. Two of her popular books of prayers, Dear God, It’s Me and It’s Urgent and It’s Just You and Me, Lord were published by Our Daily Bread Publishing. As an international author and writing mentor, Marion worked as a cross-cultural trainer for Media Associates International, helping writers produce books for their own culture. Marion is survived by her husband, Gordon, and their five children and sixteen grandchildren.


Marlena Graves

Marlena is a bylined contributor for Hermeneutics, Gifted for Leadership, and Missio Alliance. She is married to her favorite person in existence, Shawn Graves. Together they have three little girls. They enjoy their life together and always desire to welcome others into it. She’s on staff at her church—offering and coordinating pastoral care. Her first book, A Beautiful Disaster: Finding Hope in the Midst of Brokenness released in June 2014.

Brands, Monica.jpg

Monica Brands

Monica is from Edgerton, Minnesota, where she grew up on a farm with seven siblings. She studied English and Theology at Trinity Christian College in Palos Heights, Illinois, and worked with children with special needs at Elim Christian Services before completing a Master of Theological Studies degree at Calvin Seminary in Grand Rapids. She treasures time with friends, family, and her awesome nieces and nephews.

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Poh Fang.jpg

Poh Fang Chia

Poh never dreamed of being in a language-related profession; chemistry was her first love. The turning point came when she received Jesus as her Savior as a fifteen-year-old and expressed to Jesus that she would like to create books that touch lives. She serves with Our Daily Bread Ministries at the Singapore office as an editor and is also a member of the Chinese editorial review committee.

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Regina Franklin

Regina is a mom at heart, and she teaches God’s Word with passion. She loves being in the trenches with people. Regina teaches full-time at Westminster Schools of Augusta, Georgia, serves alongside her husband in ministry, and also freelances in writing. Married since 1995, Scott and Regina believe the greatest calling on their lives is that of pastoring their two children, Charis and Micah. After more than twenty years of youth ministry at New Hope Worship Center, Scott and Regina felt the Lord directing them to step out into church planting—a dream they had carried in their hearts since their dating years. With the support of their home church and many others, they launched inMotion Church in September 2013.

Click here for more on Regina's latest book, Who Calls Me Beautiful: Finding Our True Image in the Mirror of God.

Remi screen resolution .jpg

Remi Oyedele

Remi is a finance professional and freelance writer with twin passions for God’s Word and children’s books. Her ultimate life goal is to shape scriptural truths into stories for children and children at heart. C. S. Lewis is a major inspiration for her. Remi has an MA in Writing for Children and has completed correspondence courses with the Christian Writer’s Guild and the Institute of Children’s Literature. A native of Nigeria, she currently resides in Central Florida where she spends her spare time reading and blogging at www.wordzpread.com. Remi is married to David, her number one blog fan.

To read more devotionals from Remi, find her at Our Daily Bread.


Roxanne Robbins

Roxanne is a former sports reporter, public relations specialist, and Olympic chaplain. Roxanne spent a majority of her career around professional athletes and celebrities. After working with the influential and famous in Washington D.C. for several years, she left it all behind to move to East Africa.

Now based Florida, Roxanne directs Tukutana—a Kampala, Uganda, non-profit organization she founded to provide resources and opportunities for orphaned and vulnerable children and the people that care for them. Among the poor, Roxanne says she has experienced the most fulfilling chapter of her life thus far.


Ruth O’Reilly-Smith

Ruth is a qualified secondary school teacher with very little teaching experience and twenty years of radio broadcasting experience. Her brief stint on university radio got her hooked to what has become her vocation. Ruth has worked in community radio in South Africa and on FM and shortwave radio across Central and Southern Africa from the United Kingdom. She hosts a weekend radio show, broadcasting across the United Kingdom on UCB Inspirational. Ruth is married to an Englishman, and they have been blessed with twins.

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Author Photo - Xochitl E. Dixon - April 2018 - Full Photo Retouched.jpg

Xochitl (soh-cheel) Dixon

Xochitl Dixon, author of Waiting for God: Trusting Daily in God’s Plan and Pace and the children’s picture book, Different Like Me, serves as a regular contributor to Our Daily Bread and Guideposts’ All God’s Creatures. She promotes peace while celebrating the differences and sameness of God’s beautifully diverse family. Encouraging others toward loving God and others as He loves us‒unconditionally‒she serves Jesus with her service dog, Callie. She enjoys singing, art, photography, hanging out with her husband, Alan, and sons, AJ and Xavier, and connecting with readers at www.xedixon.com.

To read more devotionals from Xochitl, find her at Our Daily Bread.



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