What Is Your Go To Fall Food Item? - Our Authors Share Their Favorites.

Amy Boucher Pye

I live in London, and we aren’t overwhelmed with pumpkin-flavored food like in the US. I’ve found that Brits don’t tend to appreciate the pumpkin spice very much, and when we invite them to a Thanksgiving meal, they enjoy my pumpkin pie because mine has a less intense flavor through using ice cream.

My family really likes apple crumble (served with hot custard—are you familiar with that?), which is a wonderful way to end a meal as the days get shorter and rain comes our way.

Elisa Morgan

I’m not a “pumpkin spiced latte” girl. In fact, I just cut out caffeine (WHAT?!) to see if that would help with some inflammation in my neck. It did! I’m looking forward to stirring a big pot of soup or chili on the stove as the season fully turns to fall in Denver, CO where I live.

Lisa Samra

The answer is always coffee, but in the cool Michigan fall I also love fresh, hot apple cider.

Regina Franklin

Craving pumpkin chocolate chip muffins.

Poh Fong Chia

Apple cider!

Kirsten Holmberg

Lately I’ve been making “dirty chai lattes” at home. I love the sweet-and-spicy chai against the bitter espresso.

Anne Cetas

With the cooler weather, I'm back to drinking hot tea: salted caramel or spicy cinnamon.

Xotchile Dixon

Pumpkin Pie ice cream and Pumpkin Lattes or Frappuccinos are my favorite Fall treats.

Julie Schwab

Just plain old apple cider, hot or cold, has sounded amazing to me for the past couple weeks. Also, hot chocolate, but I usually don't keep that at home because I'd drink it all the time!

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